Ich bin frei, ENDLICH frei

Gunnar saw me off from the bus station in Braunschweig, making sure I knew exactly where and when the bus would be coming, and the actually deciding to stand next to me to make sure I made it on safely and with all my things. Minus my glasses, everything was still with me… The bus Read more about Ich bin frei, ENDLICH frei[…]

The Incredible Journey, and the Night of a Thousand CouchSurfers

After a couple weeks of working at Silva, I was scheduled to go and stay with a CouchSurfing host and meet up with a girl from France so that we could travel around for a day. But the thing to remember while traveling the way I do is that plans, regardless of how far in Read more about The Incredible Journey, and the Night of a Thousand CouchSurfers[…]

The Day of Black Sun

Checking out the botanical garden in whatever city you’re visiting is generally a good idea. Especially when it’s the second-largest in the country in terms of variety. But all that it moot when the entirety of the garden is covered in enough snow to drown a yeti.  Iceland’s weather is as unpredictable as it is Read more about The Day of Black Sun[…]