The Social Network

Several sleepy hours later, we pulled into the beautiful tourist beach town of Varadero. Running the length of a small peninsula in northern Cuba (Matanzas province), with around 20km of white-sand beach, it’s popular as a tourist destination, especially for those coming on package deals or for travelers that stay in resorts and high-end hotels. Read more about The Social Network[…]

Two Currencies, Two Worlds

I relieved myself for what was maybe the fifth time in a week. I’d never needed to pee in Cuba; any liquid entering my body immediately came out on my skin in my body’s pitiful attempt at staying cool. One soap dispenser was stocked, miraculously, and smelled strongly of gummy bears. I looked at the Read more about Two Currencies, Two Worlds[…]

On Cuba

Going on overseas adventures has sort of become second nature to me in the past four years of on-and-off full-time travel, and several American friends told me Cuba had been great, if not a bit expensive. While nervous, I was excited. Cuba hadn’t been (legally) open to American tourists since 1963 as part of the Read more about On Cuba[…]