Walking Tall

On Monday, January 30, I landed at JFK ready to visit a friend whom I hadn’t seen in several years. Like me, she’s from Missouri originally and went to Truman State University. Unlike me, she transferred out, translocated to New York City, and transitioned from “Mitchell” to Michelle. As it turns out, Missouri is not Read more about Walking Tall[…]

On the Road Again

http://youtu.be/2LeqaIzGk5k  This is my first time taking MegaBus and other than the bus being two and a half hours late in subzero weather, it’s been pretty nice. A middle-aged woman and her seven-year-old daughter took shelter in my car while we waited for the bus, and the little girl explained Minecraft to me while excitedly Read more about On the Road Again[…]

And Then It Happened

Today was the greatest day ever. Abigail planned on having the group do a talent show at 8 and we ended up actually going through with it and letting Jessica attend the event (Jessica is the IRCS activities coordinator). But first… Cognitive Control, conceptual retrieval, and creativity Sharon Thompson-Schill The front brain controls goal-directed behavior. Read more about And Then It Happened[…]

To Be a Linguist

Today was a major day for learning about linguisticky things. Unfortunately, though, I’m tired of typing about lectures so these are going to be kept really really short. Motor intelligence in machines and animals D. E. Koditscheck Spacial memory is thought to be held in the hippocampus. We watched a bunch of robots climbing walls Read more about To Be a Linguist[…]