K-vegas to Ukulele World Congress

My journey started yesterday, scrambling around the house to get everything ready since I’m not good at preparing ahead of time for anything. I could hardly contain my excitement to get back to Indiana for the fourth annual Ukulele World Congress. I was so excited that I started running around the house to get everything I need and then I ran into a door post and fell over. This is what it did to me: 
My shoulder looks absolutely enormous in this picture. 

After learning my lesson not to run through my house ever again, my brother and I hit the road and immediately switched into annoying road trip junkie mode.

 See the difference in our level of excitement? I think at this point I was belting out Celine. I’m not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but the weather was awful. It figures that two weeks of solid, sunny, 80 degree weather decide to give themselves over to miserable gray muck on the day we have to travel for 8 hours.

If anyone reading this has never traveled through the Midwest, you’re not missing much. It’s green with a backdrop of green. And it’s flat. I miss the hills and hues of the east coast (and above all, the ocean. Ugh!).

East Coast Driving
Midwest Driving.
“Look, Brandon, more flat green shit! We must be in the Midwest!” – Coty

Naturally we got into the camp site after sundown and couldn’t put up the tent. I had forgotten to account for the time change between Kirksville and Nashville, IN. Instead of worrying about it too much I just took out my uke and started meeting people.

There are a LOT of people from Canada this year. I think last night I met like five people from Ontario and none of them knew each other before coming. This is what uking looks like in a field in the middle of nowhere:

And a video:

LOOK at the guy on the left with the tie. It is a washboard. Seriously, how awesome is that?

I’ll make the end of this post short.
I lost my glasses, it was too dark to see where they went, we didn’t have time to put up the tent before the sun went down and so we slept in the car (which was extremely difficult). End.

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