Piggle paggle hargly wobbs

The name of this blog is how I feel British English speakers might try to make up words for fun. Just by the way. 
Things to note about London: 
Most people I’ve met here are rude. The “posh” culture is definitely a thing. There were, however, some exceptions. 
I was feeling flabby so I went to a gym. A day pass was £20, and when I looked all sad and was like, “Whoahhhh…” the employee just let me use her “guest pass” and I got to work out for free (bad idea. I’m sore as hell and I have a 20lb pack pack to carry all over).
There are stands everywhere that sell burgers for less than a “fiver” (a £5 bill). But since they’re British, they taste like nothing. I thought I had gotten all the napkins unwrapped from my burger, but I realized halfway through that I was also eating my napkin and hadn’t noticed.
Telephone booths have wifi. 
Mind the gap. They’ll remind you every ten seconds over the intercom, it’s written on signs, and on the floors. 
London is good at decorating for Christmas. Like, REALLY good. But their firework shows kinda suck.
The tube gives a whole new meaning to “rush hour.”
One last thing. I hit up Borough market today on my way to the airport. Lots of things there are expensive, but there are tons of places to try free sample and if you play your cards right, you can have half a meal for free. I hate mushrooms, but found a delectable mushroom pâté to try, smelled some truffles (EW), tasted dragonfruit juice, and filled up on blueberries, Turkish delight, and rosemary bacon wraps for only £3.50. I’m bringing home some Turkish delight (which is sort of like thick marshmallow chewy candy from heaven and officially my new favorite dessert) to share with my sweety. Anyway… The market was incredible. So was the train to the airport, which had tables. Oooooh. 


Imagine the aroma of hot mulled apple cider, mulled wine, bacon, mushrooms, fresh fruit, and various candies all wafting around you, smothering you in delicious ecstasy. 
Did I mention you can get ostrich and kangaroo burgers here? Whuuut!
More Turkish delight. MORE TURKISH DELIGHT. 

I’ve just woken up in the Dublin airport. I found a nice couch to sleep on and managed to get a few hours of rest in. None of the people I met in Dublin are here this time, but I’ve got £43 left because of some hardcore budgeting in London. The plan is to convert that to euros and spend it all here, so this will be the most cushy day of my whole trip. I’m going to enjoy Dublin, treat myself to some tea, scones, and whatever the hell else I feel like eating/doing. Maybe I’ll post about today, maybe not. But there will definitely be a reflections post. After today, I’ll be headed back home. 
I can’t wait. 🙂 

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