Under the sea

Quick post about my second and third day in Gran Canaria. 

People who sell tickets are rude. I walked 5km to get to the place that was selling tickets to Fuerteventura. The plan was to take a night ferry, arrive really early in the morning and learn to surf at the hostel I had booked near one of the most beautiful beaches in the islands. I called the service center to see if they would be open, and I was told the office would open at noon. I got there at 1:30, and the workers were already leaving. I tried to ask when I could come back and if there were night ferries as I had been told, but one of the guys stopped me mid sentence and the most angry sounding Spanish I’ve ever heard.
“The ferry already left. See you tomorrow.”
“See you tomorrow.”
“I just want to ask–“
“Hasta mañana.”
I wasn’t too happy, and after all that I had been through in the past two days having issues finding places to sleep and spending extra money on hostels that I didn’t even get to stay in… I publicly snapped for the first time in my life. 
Oye, puto gruñón de mierda,” (listen, you fucking grumpy shit [not really a perfect translation… Obscenities are hard to translate]), “I have two questions and you’re going to answer them. Are there night ferries, and when do you open tomorrow?”
He looked REALLY pissed off but his two coworkers started laughing at him. One of them turned to answer me; “The last one leaves at 10pm during the week and we open at eight tomorrow.”

I walked back to the hostel and extended my stay three more nights. I couldn’t justify going to Fuerteventura for less than 24 hours, especially if it was going to make me risk missing my flight on the sixth back to Sevilla. I treated myself to ice cream, beach time, snorkeling (so many cool fish here!!!), a Chinese buffet dinner (which was super gross and nothing like in the States), and then at low tide (an hour or two after sunset) that night I went out exploring the rocky parts of the beach that formed little pools of crystal clear water. I saw a bunch of stuff! 

Ew. Also, this thing was underwater, but the water is so clear it doesn’t even look like it’s there. 
But seriously, what is this thing? 

Ugly hermit crab. I named him Crabbie.

Sea life looks so gross…
It actually started raining after that so I had to run back to my hostel. 

Besides all that, I sat around in my room and watched a really depressing new documentary called Bridegroom. 

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